Ugh…They Nailed It!!

One of the jobs I worked on today was a perfect example of how the quality of your work shows in attention to detail. My customer had all of her closet racks pull loose from the wall and basically dump themselves in the floor. The reason why? They had only been nailed up to begin [...]

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Walls Go Up…

Life is a constantly changing entity. It is ever a force for growth in so many areas. Walls go up and sometimes they get taken down. On one of most recent jobs it was putting new walls up that was on the list to do. Focusing on the details and putting in quality work, beautiful [...]

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oklahoma homes

http://www.oklahomahomes.com/articles/how-to-paint-the-exterior-of-your-home-an-interview-with-shane-jenkins-of-shanes-handyman-service A link to an article about my business. If the link doesn't work cut and past to your browser. Related articles oklahoma homes article

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Customer Letter

I received this email while we were on vacation. It was a nice surprise. Shane, I wanted to tell you how very much I am enjoying the new bath, and how very happy I am to have worked with you.  You are an honest, efficient and gifted contractor and I appreciate all the great work you did!  I'm [...]

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July the 15th

Wow, it’s already been another month, boy does the time fly.  The last month I have been working on the bathroom remodel, I finally got that completed this week.  I had to wait on a number of hardware items to arrive or I would have been finished a week earlier.  The customer was very pleased [...]

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