Wow, it’s already been another month, boy does the time fly.  The last month I have been working on the bathroom remodel, I finally got that completed this week.  I had to wait on a number of hardware items to arrive or I would have been finished a week earlier.  The customer was very pleased with how the bathroom turned out.

We also worked and are still working on the new back porch at my house.  I first had to rebuild it because the first one had issues and was not built the way we had wanted it built.  Now it’s bigger, taller and more user friendly.  This had to be done before I got the roof replaced, which happed on the 4th of July.  It was really surprising, I had 3 guys show up remove the existing shingles and put the new roof on in about 12-13 hours.  And they did a much better job then when my buddy and I put it on 3 years ago, and I thought it looked nice then.  What was odd, was the house 2 doors down the street also got a roof, it’s about the same size, and they had at least 8 guys on the roof for almost 3 days.

This last week I started fixing the cedar siding on a house that tree rats, squirrels, had got into.  They had some very big holes in siding.  I started by replacing the boards with big holes, working my way down to the smaller holes, trying to make there only exit through the hornet nest, so maybe they won’t want to come back.  Then I re-nailed all the siding back down and went around with expand a foam and filled the smaller holes, hopefully in the next week or two I will be able to get over and caulk the cracks and patches, getting it ready to paint later this year.

I just keep trying to help people, but do to the fact that I’m only one man, sometimes I forget jobs or get delayed getting to your project, please forgive me and call me back.  I have been getting about 5 calls a day; I can only do so much.  It’s a great joy to be in such high demand; thanks for letting me be your handyman see you soon.


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